Service level agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) has been entered between Quickwork and Customer. It comes into effect on such date Customer Order is accepted by Quickwork. This SLA governs the rights of the Customer on account of Quickwork's failure to keep its Platform available for use by the Customer. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this SLA shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Terms of Service.

This Quickwork follows industry Standards for maintenance of its platform and has a dedicated support system in place to provide remedy for downtime faced by the Customer while using the Platform. This Agreement is limited in scope as it only applies to any limitation of use of Platform in accordance with the Customer Order. Quickwork explicitly declines the rights of Customer under this SLA for any downtime caused in using the Platform which cannot be attributed to Quickwork.

Remedy Plan

Quickwork shall provide remedies to the paying Customer in accordance with the below mentioned metrics:

Quickwork Platform Monthly Availability (A)

Remedy Plan

99% <=A < 99.9%

1-day free extension of service as per the existing paid Customer Order

95% <=A < 99%

7-days free extension of service as per the existing paid Customer Order

A < 95 %

15-days free extension of service as per the existing paid Customer Order

Quickwork uses industry approved Standards to calculate the availability of Quickwork's Platform. The Customer agrees that the method used by Quickwork to calculate the availability of Platform for use shall be not disputed under any circumstances. Quickwork shall inform the Customer, if a request is received from the Customer, about the status of availability of Quickwork's Platform on a particular date. The status of Quickwork Platform can be seen on the link:

Remedy Procedure with Terms & Conditions

  1. To seek remedy for SLA from Quickwork, the Customer shall follow the below mentioned procedure within 7 (seven) business days of SLA related event which impacted their business operation:
    1. Customer shall raise a support ticket at signing in with their registered Quickwork account id OR
    2. Customer shall send an email to [email protected] with Subject Line - Quickwork SLA Credit Request along with all relevant contact details
  2. If the Customer does not file to seek Remedy for SLA from Quickwork as per above procedure within 7 (seven) business of SLA related event which impacted their business operation, the remedy related to that specific event shall be treated as lapsed.
  3. The Customer needs to have their Quickwork account active and in good standing by having paid all Invoices in a timely manner to avail remedy.
  4. Remedy offered cannot be accrued or carried forward to subsequent subscription periods or transferred to any other Customer Order.

Quickwork shall endeavor to respond to any complaint raised by Customer on SLA within 7 (seven) business days of receipt of such a ticket or complaint as per procedure. If Quickwork accepts the complaint of the Customer then it shall provide the remedy to the Customer in accordance with the criteria mentioned under Remedy Plan. Customer shall seek remedy for any default within 7 (seven) business days of the Service disruption or identifications of the issue of unavailability of Platform for use. Quickwork shall be under no obligation to provide relief for which a ticket or complaint is not raised by the Customer as per procedure and within time limit.

Exclusion of Remedies

The above mentioned remedies shall not be provided, under the following circumstances :

  1. Performance Issues due to Internet Service unavailability or slowdown
  2. Third Party API Connectors or connections unavailability not due to Quickwork
  3. Action by Customer or third party providers beyond the control of Quickwork
  4. Unavailability of third party cloud service
  5. Issues with Third party or customer hardware, software or network

Maintenance of Quickwork's Platform

The Customer acknowledges that Quickwork in order to maintain a prudent degree of protection regularly updates its Hosting Services and Platform. This will be treated as Scheduled Maintenance.

Quickwork has defined a standard maintenance window from 10 pm on Friday to 2 am on Saturday IST. Such a window doesn't typically mean that it results in system unavailability.

Under some circumstances, it might be possible that the Platform is not available for use by the Customer. Quickwork shall endeavor to inform the customer about any such maintenance work which carries the potential of making the Platform unavailable for a period of time at least 3 (three) business days in advance. Such communication shall be done through the registered e-mail ID of the Customer and/or by a notice displayed on the Platform.

Quickwork, under an emergency situation, shall have the right to make the Platform unavailable for use, without any intimation notice to the Customer, due to virus attacks, hacking attacks, security issues or any other unforeseen situations. The Customer agrees that in such a situation it shall not raise any dispute or attempt to seek any remedy from Quickwork. Quickwork in its sole discretion shall have the right to qualify any event as an emergency situation. Quickwork shall endeavor to inform the customer about any such emergency situation in a reasonable period of time but shall not be under the obligation to do so.

Force Majeure Event

The understanding of this SLA shall stand inapplicable during the Force Majeure period as defined in the Terms of Service document. For any event which is beyond the control of Quickwork, including but not limited to acts of God or governmental authority, war, invasion, revolution, riot, strikes, pandemics, epidemics, fires or other loss of facilities, Quickwork shall use reasonable efforts to minimize the effect of such an event. In such a case Quickwork reserves the right to amend any understanding of this SLA at its sole discretion and the Customer agrees to abide by any such amended SLA.