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Why partner with us?

As our partner, get immediate access to Quickwork’s capabilities for Integrations, API Management and Conversation Management and enhance your solution offerings to your customers.

There is a lot you can do with an iPaaS

Building integrations manually can be cumbersome, resource intensive and error-prone. With Quickwork’s iPaaS, partners can instantly establish integration with thousands of applications, while the platform handles the complexities involved. You can also use our platform to build APIs and to create complex conversational flows for your customers with ease.


Focus on your customer and end-user experiences

As our partner, you can focus on providing richer experiences to your customers and end-users, and let Quickwork do the heavy lifting of managing integrations and workflows at any scale.

  • Partnership portal
  • Zero DevOps
  • Elastic scalability
  • White-label URLs
  • Embedded integrations
  • 1000+ apps
  • 2000+ pre-built Journeys
  • New revenue streams
  • Training & certification
  • Re-run workflows
  • Version control
  • Team collaboration
  • API Management
  • Built-in databases
  • Custom pricing calculator
  • Custom connectors
  • Formula engine
  • On-prem services
  • Rich analytics
  • Conversational integration

Gurmeet Singh

Founder & CEO

At GMoney, we trust and rely on Quickwork for all API integrations, required by both our B2B and B2C businesses. All GMoney workflows built on Quickwork are working flawlessly and scaling well with us as we grow our business.

What's in it for you?

New revenue streams
New revenue streams

With Quickwork open new avenues with automation, differentiate your services and grow your business with multiple revenue streams and opportunities.

Flexible partner programs
Flexible partner programs

Choose the program that best suits your business model and requirements.

Differentiated offerings
Differentiated offerings

With integration and automation, differentiate your products and services from your competitors.

Training and certification
Training and certification

Get access to hands-on training and certification programs and stay updated to serve your customers better.

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