Enterprise grade features with consumer grade simplicity

Quickwork makes automation easy, allowing anyone to build simple or complex workflows effortlessly.

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Drag & Drop

With a user interface designed for citizen developers and non-technical users, building workflows is as simple as drag and drop.

Build your own connectors

Use our connector SDK to build your own connectors and launch them with public or private access.

Code snippets

Get flexibility to perform any operation with our built-in formula engine and programming connectors (like Node.js).

Federated clusters

Workflows execution and data storage can be hosted in your preferred region or on-premise anywhere in the world with a single-click deployment.


Supports all kinds of events

Quickwork supports all types of events used in automated workflows, such as real-time, polling, scheduled, and manual. This unique capability enables building a wide range of workflows across industry verticals.


Your workflow can be triggered in real-time as soon as an event occurs in the source application system. This event type is suitable for conversational, IoT, financial, and other use cases that require instantenous response.

Automate workflows in real-time

Power to transform any data

Quickwork provides a library of pre-built functions for data transformation. Using Node.js or by writing your own functions, you can transform data as per your needs or as required by your use case.

Learn how to use Formula Engine
No code automation

Conversational friendly

Build conversational interactions

Quickwork is conversation friendly, designed to enable multi-channel interactions. Connect to any preferred messaging platform and manage conversations with humans, chatbots and IoT devices with an easy to use interface.

Support all major channels

Build and manage conversational workflows in real-time across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, web widgets and many more.

Built-in NLP context handling

Quickwork provides ready integration with top NLP tools and services such as Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson NLU, Microsoft Luis and many more to allow users to create intelligent conversational flows. Along with that, context handling for elements such as questions, quick reply buttons, or selection from menu is pre-built in Quickwork.

Conversational workflows


Pre-built workflow templates for every use case

Explore our Journey Store to access our library of 1,000s of pre-built workflows and start using the relevant templates immediately.

One click import from and export to Journey Store

Select and import your chosen pre-built workflows from our Journey Store into your own account in just a single click. If you wish to share your workflow as a template with others, you can publish it on the Journey Store in a single click.


Modify the imported workflows by yourself or in collaboration with your team as per the use case requirements.

One click API integration

What else is included?

Manage integrations, end-to-end

  • On-prem services
  • Databases
  • FTP, SMTP, SSH and more
  • Private cloud
Business Logic
  • Conditional Logic
  • Error monitoring and handling
  • Custom connectors
  • Looping
Security & Privacy
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR Compliance
  • VAPT Report
  • SSO & LDAP
  • Chat support
  • Helpdesk
  • Community forum
  • Support Centre

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